Snack Vans

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We advertise second hand and new snack vans; used trailers which are as good as new ones. You can buy with confidence from any online specialist, find the hidden gems in perfect working condition and excellent performance. The vans advertised here are fitted (as a standard) with equipment such as large double burners, double fryers, microwave, gas boiler, front and side openings, refrigerator, stainless steel sink, electric water pump, stainless steel work surfaces, till drawer and strip lights.

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Some of the other features that snack vans come with are the following:

Cloth Upholstery
Electric Windows
Electric Mirrors
Refrigerated Display
Heated Display

Apart from these features, the snack vans advertised here have remote locking systems and air bags for extra safety. Moreover, these catering trailers come with power steering to ensure easy handling and manoeuvring of the vehicle. Look out for the refurbished snack vans and make sure they have been efficiently done. Check for a strong engine, which gives excellent mileage and ensures a longer working life. Make sure that the exterior and interior body of the van is completely free from cracks or dents. Having galvanized chassis, these kinds of catering trailer come with stainless steel worktops, front hatch lift up opening, working griddle and many other accessories.

Check that the condition of the wheels of these vehicles is perfect. Make sure the tyres are in perfect shape so they can last for few more years. Purchase snack vans from reliable sellers, who are selling these due to genuine reasons. Choose your snack van from various models in different colors as per your specific requirements. Buying a catering snack van, you will surely get true worth of each and every pound you spend as it will yield a nice income when you get your business up and running.

Mobile Coffee Vans

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A coffee franchise on the move is one of the prominent ventures in today’s fast moving lifestyle. It is one of the best part time or full time way to make good money, while having great fun. All that you need is a mobile coffee van, vending machine and consumables for daily business. In these investments, the major one-time cost goes on the van. How about a second hand mobile coffee van to start your mobile catering business?

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Second hand mobile coffee vans are a good deal if you buy them from a trusted dealer after due considerations on its working conditions. Second hand catering trailers are widely available in the market and are either cycle driven or motor driven. Depending on your requirements, choose your mobile coffee van while taking into account the following factors:

Working condition of the van
Free from dents and abrasions on the exterior
Integrated with open space for fitting equipment
High capacity for fitting dual purpose machines
Sturdy shelves for serving the coffee
Good condition of wheels
Completely rust free body
Clean and presentable

You can source second hand mobile coffee vans from us that are in excellent condition and can provide excellent value for your money. These vans work as good as a brand new one would and assures a trouble free working life. Available in different sizes, capacities and models to choose from, these vans are offered as the most competitive prices.

So if you are thinking of going into the mobile catering business, what better way to start than to purchase a mobile coffee van and sell espressos, mochas, lattes and smoothies and build a profitable quality business.

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