Burger Vans and Food Trucks

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Buying a second hand burger van can turn out to be a beneficial deal for you. You can always choose from hundreds of second hand vans available in the market. These are available at quite a lower cost as compared to the new ones. However, you should be careful while buying these. There are few points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a used catering trailer or van.

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The first thing that should be considered is the working condition of the burger van you are intending to buy. You should check the conditions of the tyres of the vehicle. Just make sure that the tyres are in perfect shape. The engine of the van should be most stringently tested. Not only it indicates the present working capacity, but also reflects the future working of the vehicle. It must be checked that the interior and the exterior body of the vehicle is not heavily dented or scratched. However, minor scratches will not make much of a difference. You should also check the working condition of the gadgets, the catering trailer is equipped with. Microwaves, gas boilers, refrigerator and other equipments should be checked as well.

The refurbished burger vans advertised here yield excellent performance for a long period of time. Provided in excellent condition, these are available with:

Large double burner double fryer
Gas boiler
Front and side openings
Stainless steel sink
Electric water pump
Stainless steel work surfaces
Till draw
Strip light

Make sure the burger vans you buy have a scratch free body. With the availability of various designs and models, depending on your requirements, you will definitely find the perfect catering burger van for you. Moreover, these vans have galvanized chassis and a strong engine, which ensures a long working life. With all the features included in these modern units, catering burger vans are ideal for your catering business.

Ice Cream Carts

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Buying a second hand ice cream cart  is not a bad deal at all. You might end up buying a cart, which works like a new one. A second hand cart is easily available at almost half (or even less) of the price of its brand new counterpart. Some of these come in great condition, which ensure a long working life, in spite of being used ones. However, you have to be careful while purchasing these used ice cream carts. It is important to closely assess the condition of them before striking a deal with the seller.

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Some second hand ice cream carts are actually motor less trailers run by a bicycle or a motor of some sort. Well refurbished and provided in excellent condition, some second hand carts work as good as a new one would. Fully weather proof carts are easy to tow and have excellent capacities to carry a huge stock of ice cream. These carts have an effective refrigeration system inside, which helps maintain the temperature ideal for the lengthy storage of ice cream. Some other excellent features that these kinds of catering trailers have are the following:

Galvanized chassis
Excellent condition of the wheels
Rust proof body

When purchasing a second hand ice cream cart make sure they are free from any cracks on dents on their exterior or interior body. The compact size and excellent handling make these highly maneuverable in tight streets or during high traffic on the streets. These carts also have a heavy duty reinforced frame, which ensure their long working life and working efficiency. Ice cream carts are available in regular ice and dry ice versions as per your varied requirements. Also, these are available in different sizes, specifications and models to choose from.

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