Waymatic Concession Trailer

September 14, 2012 by  
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Has any one ever bought a trailer from Waymatic in Tennesse?

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2 Responses to “Waymatic Concession Trailer”
  1. Max Harper says:

    No, Just have been looking on Ebay and craiglist for used concession trailers. There is a nice Waymatic Snowball trailer on Ebay listed for 11,900 or best offer


  2. Mitsos says:

    I’ve always been rellay torn when it comes to book trailers. On the one hand, I like to see books advertised to a wider audience that might not, normally, hear about them. But on the other hand, every book trailer I’ve ever seen was rellay kind of hokey and looked like someone with no experience in advertising or graphics got ahold of it (not to mention the melodramatic narrators. I might have seen one, in my whole life, that was good, but like you I don’t remember what book it was about.If I ever saw a rellay good book trailer, I think I’d be jazzed. But it’s difficult to do since there are no visual images to go along with it. I mean, it IS a book and not a movie/tv show. And I doubt publishers would put the sort of budget into it that would allow for more visual trailers, so I just don’t know.